Photo from Street food festival 2019 - Slovakia/Košice

THX.: Brno label Recordinace to be in TOTM no.15, Valer for support with fascinated trumpet freestyle, my wife Anna for general support and God for management of my mind in selection of tracks and turntable tricks ,) Sory but youtube take sound from some keys tracks, so all audio is here:

27.10.2018 - Colloseum - KE/SK, festival Xicht8plesk - show with MC Sám Bady and Trumpetist Valer

Mix below is special alternative freestyle mix for friends - Brno underground hip-hop label Recordinace - to their serial - Therapists on the mix. 

Next mix is short piece from 9 hour freestyle vinyl set in occasion of opening of second bar in the "Klub na Dráze" (KND) - Brno - Czech republic

I´m offering to wedding vinyl Djing. Here is 20min. showcase of it.

Excuse me, youtube stopped video couse author laws of one track. If you really want to hear and see this unique showcase you can make free download of it on:!mSe4ptVzofRe/djteo-svatbashowcase20min-mov

On the end of the summer of 2018 will be out new vinyl mix for label Recordinace from KND - Brno CZ! with SK trupmeter Valer - legendary 1 hour freestyle session!

That´s me and my roots - vinyl The Roots. Photo from outdoor mix "Na Dráze" - Brno, CZ

Photography from event 23.9.2018 on "Červený Breh" in Košice, SK