Handmade poster in year 2019? It is possible by AT.! Handwritten artwork for 3 our events in Artforum - Košice/SK. Word and music. Music from our unique vinyl collection and words from 4 free mic - you can read from the books, speech, rhyme, slam, freestyle to this music with others - we make a unique spontaneous collage of words and music together with anyone who want!

After 5 years experience with Teathre education of the children with combined handicaps, organisation of festival Dobrý den Kociánko, many workshops and events we continued in the organization of unique events.

Beginning of july 2018 was for us time of lectoring suburban camp for preschool children in the forest school near Brno - CZ. We will discover secrets of dinosaurus - underground and on the ground.

Here is newspaper article about summercamp by one of parents in czech language.  

We prepare to organize events of pure heart hip-hop - all 4 elements of this culture. We want invite undergound legends of this culture, not firstly doing it for money, from love - one love.

We organize events of vinyl music + cooperation with musicians - life jams, Teo especially with project "Documentally rapoetry" - rap to instrumental vinyl music. In the fall of 2018 is comming Fiaskotéka in Košice. This is dance vinyl party with rap to this music by Mc Bady - underground legend of Košice. Teo will be moderate and speak to this music too by freestyle rap.

We help to promo concert of Dire Straits - 1.3.2019 in Košice. If you want to buy more tictets in some sale or made some another deal with ticktets/promo of this concert/promo of your company,.. - contact us.

We offer to organize unique noble Midsummer night wedding on the old fairytale hotel in the east of Slovakia for you.

We prepare to organize and realize of calligraphy workshops.