Exibition in MZK Brno - café Gaviota - 40 handmade framed analogue photos from our wedding exibition - dimensions cca 50x50cm. Photos are for sale. Exibition end is in half of september 2018.

Exibition in café Termoska - Velké Meziříčí. There are first prints printed by Bin. Topic are almost hives and flowers from east Slovakia. Fhotos are handmade framed. Photos adds handwritten poetry next to or written directly on the photos. In the concept of this exibition are abstract paintings on opposite wall which is urban casual. Exibition is for sale and its ending in half of september! 

Below is unique collection of all 40 pictures exposed on our Midsummersnight wedding and later exposed in cafe Gaviota in Brno. Photos are in an "inform quality" by I phone.

Enjoy this unique unit!

Below are details/fragments from some of "Midsummer night wedding collection"





  TU-GEN-IN/OUT                                                                BRIDGES    

N.           Y.                C.                                                             F.                        L.                       O. 

WNDWS                                                                                                  AT.