How easy it works:

1. Let´s create original for you! - Check/choose the product/s.

2. Write to us your idea to the contact form, email or call to us. 

3. It will be pleasure to send a exact price offer and make it personally for you.

4. You send to us your info, we send to you invoice, you pay it and we send you the product.

Part of our Christmas 2018 work. Prints from handwritten originals, handwritten originals, personaly handwritten wishes and combinations of print and handwritten. Thanx to our partners for the contracts! PF2019!  

Prints are from 4 eur á pcs, so this is exclusive price for this quality printed calligraphy on handwritten base!

14.12.2018 - Pleasure to made next one. Similar form, but everyone is unique with personal soul. That's life! Everyday fascination of these origin... Beauty from the heart! Thx for order!

This handmade and handwrite tailored jewell is from 30-35 eur - depend on range of text. It still very good price for this unique service!

Cooperation with 1907 niche parfumeries in Košice, Slovakia. Thx! 

What can be more than that you after whole-life work - whole-life mission - get the acknowledgment - handwritten acknowledgment composed personaly - tailored - and have this on the wall. .. one love.

This framed art tailored jewel on wall from 75 eur! 

Thank you! Merci beaucoup! Děkuji! Ďakujem!... You can say it forever by this amazing handmade/write thing! 

This handmade and handwrite tailored jewel from 30-35 eur - depend on range of text!

Bachelorette party and handwriten beauty from heart like memory for this - forever.

We wish best for your married life!!

Same format like before 30-35 eur, when you want more colouring script like here it is the same price!

Heart project - Wild arbour tea - 12 herbs picking, drying, cutting, packing and cover sign handwritting with love. We still have wild nature, we still have pure wild herbs with strong power of health. Cooperate with Editka. THX! ..more signs in section OBJECTS.

We recomend to print it from 20 pcs and we can go with price to cca 2 eur á pcs!

Sweet life for married couple! Thx. to Café de Paris for very special place for photo session!  

This is extra model with hand cut layer - it can be around 40 eur with handwritten envelope!

You can bring/send the author poetry "tailor made" and we transform it for you to this beautifull shapes - one love!  

Classic handmade and handwrite congrat. with tailored text - 30 - 35 eur - unique product for you!

Unique life milestones - unique tailored congratulation - pure from the heart! 

Again - Gold classic handmade and handwriten congrat., tailored - cost 30 - 35 eur!

Tailored handwritten congrat to the pocket - unforgettable style FRWR. 

Small pocket version á 15 - 20 eur - that´s best price for tailored handwritten congrat. - Yes! ,)

Originaly square shape with line for closing. Unique rare jewel for unique rare persons.  

Thats bigger pocket version - 20 - 25 eur is very good price too! Handwritten, handmade, tailored!

And next one! ,) Red and gold are royalty colours for honorable persons. Author tailored poetry written in the beautiful shapes powerfully underline this whole-life jewel.

Royal one - classic format - handmade, handwrite, tailored poetry - 30 - 35 eur.

Handmade/write congratulation with doughter´s poetry is very impresses. From mothers point of view it is invaluable memory jewel. 

Classic unique - handmade, handwrite, tailored poetry - 30 - 35 eur!

We cooperate with friends - - Menu handwriten by AT. in this magazine - Thank you! ,)

Not only celebrations and happiness are connected with life. .. R.I.P. Calligraphic condolence is farewell with honourable respect. 

Pocket version cca 20 eur, DL with motto cca 15 eur, grave draft from 20 eur.

AT. art project. Papers with handwritten author poetry was later glued on wooden plates - to hang on wall - for addition of our analog photopictures exposed on exibition in café Termoska in Velké Meziříčí on the occasion of the 1st café´s birthday. Best wishes and Thank you!

This is our author poetry and we sell it with a framed pictures for 35 eur a pcs.

How the celebration make unforgettable. The strongest enjoyment is from handwritten congratulation from the heart. These words brings the concrete meaning of concrete lifes and love. Becouse the best dad is the best dad.

Tailored classic - handmade, handwrite, gold ink - 30 - 35 eur.

Every year magic time.. You can wish personaly by beautiful handwriting cards! That is strong, unique and luxury matter from the heart! For family or bussiness partners, with "classics" lyrics, your own lyrics, or we can compose the poetry for addressee from the indices we got from you! You can choose colour of paper, classic A or DL format od smaller,..another format... Whatewer you like, handmade from our heart!   

A (2x DL) 25 - 30 eur, Small A (2x bussiness card) cca 15 eur, 1x DL  cca 15 eur

...strong moments of feeligs of meaning handwritten congratulation from heart..

Some things you just have to say sometimes by unforgettable beauty way...

15 years to 100 - Best wishes!

Classic - 30 - 35 eur.


Some pieces I have in moving form. It will be continuously coming...