You can write to us by e-mail or you can fill and send the contact form. You can use FB or phone also. We are a little bit old school minded. It is more personaly when you use this ways or than you only put the product to the basket in the e-shop, we make it pack it and send it to you. Personal way is the story of the our services/products. If you are near Košice or in Košice, definitly best way is to meet us live for the matter. We look forward you and our contact!

Mrs. Anna & Mr. Jiří Teo Mateja

+421 948 169 931/ +420 739 080 893

PlatformAT. s.r.o.

Dargovských hrdinov 118, 078 01 Sečovce, SK

IČO: 46801201

DIČ: 2023589612

IČ DPH SK2023589612, podľa §4

Č.ú.: 2949020197/1100

IBAN: SK33 1100 0000 0029 4902 0197

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