Platform AT. s.r.o. is platform of Anna & Jiří Teo Mateja´s like platform of their creativity.  We sort it to the 5 areas which are interconnected. It is Calligraphy & lettering, analog photography, vinylism, ideas and events. 

Calligraphy & lettering is passion of Teo unconsciously from primary school. Anna is professional linguist with unique fantasy. So Anna is usually finding concepts and soul of constipation of texts and Teo is interpreting this by autentic manuscript and handmade unique luxury products.

Vinylism is love of Teo almost 20 years. Anna add to this love since 2013. We collected vinyls and play it for people who will appreciate this passion, this unique matter. Our collection is across styles of music and now rated about 500 pieces. We are doing education and promo of this passion, Teo is playing like Dj by his unique turntablism, with Anna start up like ATMO - four hands four gramophones. We are able to play on uniques wedding, events etc. Vinylism is whole life passion which is still stronger.    

Analog photography is for AT. game of unconscious iracionaly utopia and fortune of story of life. We use cameras which bring life and we don´t want to know theory of photography. This project - experiment go more than 10 years and it bring few amazing photos. This unique are handmade framed by Teo and exhibits on special events, where is possibility to buy them with sign and serial number of print. Another type of analogue material from this experiment are backgrounds for posters, covers of music albums, textil prints etc. Teo is writting poetry to selected photos - like a connection of them or directly write on print of photography by his handwritten unigue calligraphy style.   

Anna is copywriter and author writer so she translate texts and write her own ideas. Some of them write Teo by calligraphy. AT. is able to made ideamaking for festivals and events, addvertisement claims, spots and other fantasy-creative work needed in a basic of every advertising agency.

Fivth area is organization of events of various types. We 5 years worked professionally with children with combined handicaps. We want to project this extensive experience for everyone. We are able to tailor made workshops, summercamps, experience learnings, etc. for everyone. We like work in wide spectrum of areas - Music, artistic, theatre, text, move... We know how tune time and space and energy and we create in the spirit of positive human values! We are organize events for education or for cultural joy.

If you like of any from our activity and you are open to cooperate you can write us - go to "CONTACT" - We look forward your words!